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MUFN Books Takes Lid Off Pressure Cooker Breads

KNOXVILLE, TN - October 17, 2018 -With programable electric pressure cookers all the rage, and nearly every food category being high-pressured into daily meals, there has been a noticeable exception. “Bread,” says Em Elless. “Yeast breads have generally been considered undoable. Until now.” In her newest release, The Pressure Cooker Yeast & Quick Bread Cookbook; Achieve Fabulous Flavor-Infused Breads in Instant Pots, Electric and Stove-Top Cookers, Elless highlights exactly how to achieve lofty loaves in any type or size of pressure cooker.

In addition to dozens of recipes, this innovative cookbook illustrates:

● How the process differs from standard pressure cooking
● Comparison tests of methods
● The difference between oven-baked and pressure-steamed breads
● Step by step set-up instructions
● Bakeware that will fit inside cooker pans
● Special instructions for mini-pot chefs

Says Elless, “The process is fast and easy, and the energy savings can be substantial. It is no longer necessary to heat up the house with a hot oven and pay for air conditioning at the same time.” There is also a much wider window for pressure cooker breads to remain perfectly done if left in the cooker too long. “If neglected in a hot oven, the bread will go from perfect to dried-out to burnt toast pretty quickly.”

Just as artisan and bread-machine breads have their own unique qualities, pressure-steamed breads are noticeably different at first glance. They lack an oven-browned crust and emerge from the cooker glistening with steam which quickly evaporates, Elless explains, leaving a tender, chewy crust. “The texture, or ‘crumb,’ is also somewhat denser, but infused with flavors that cannot be achieved by any other method. Yeast breads will rise just as high as oven-baked. In one of my first experiments, the trivet was too high, and the loaf filled every crevice in the lid,” Elless laughed.

Known as a developer of low-carb gluten-free recipes in her previous three cookbooks, Em Elless has taken a giant step away from specialty diets in her new release but stays within her specialty,   “Alternative bread-styles for bread lovers.”  She can be reached at

The Pressure Cooker Yeast and Quick Bread Cookbook; Achieve Fabulous Flavor-Infused Breads in Instant Pots, Electric and Stove Top Cookers
(MUFN Books, $18.99 Paperback, 8 x 10, 110 Pages, ISBN: 9780985822491; $9.99 e-book, ASIN: B07J1P87HJ), Available on For more information please visit

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